One Man’s Theory on the Meaning of “The Last Jedi”

With the reveal of Episode VIII’s title (and that dope red type), we’re all having fun speculating on exactly what the linguistically ambiguous The Last Jedi means. This goes so far as examining the title as it’s rendered in other languages to try to discern whether the Jedi in question is singular or plural. From what I’ve heard so far, the German and Portuguese renditions indicate a single Jedi.

I think and kind of hope that means Luke is the last Jedi. As in the last last Jedi.

Here’s my theory: Luke considers himself the last Jedi not only in raw fact but because he wants to chart a new path for Rey. Something along the lines of, “I’ll be the last of the Jedi because you’re going to be something greater.” And a new order of Force users is born without all the baggage of the Jedi/Sith wars that have roiled the galaxy for centuries.

Why do I think/hope that?

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The Horror. The Horror. Round 9: Housebound

housebound posterTonight I have the pleasure of introducing you to the best movie to come out of New Zealand since the Lord of the Rings trilogy. (In this house we do not speak of that bloated abomination that stole The Hobbit’s good name. Poor Martin Freeman.) It’s a little gem called Housebound. I’d never heard of this movie until I was perusing the internet’s multifarious offerings of “Best Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix” lists, on which it popped up more often than not. It deserves so much better.

I can’t summarize this movie without spoiling what makes it so good. I can only offer a taste. Housebound opens with a hilariously botched attempt by two thieves to break into an ATM. One of them, Kylie, is our protagonist, a young woman with issues; we learn that the ATM fiasco isn’t her first rodeo, crime-wise. Rejecting the usual diversion programs as having been, shall we way, ineffectual, the judge sentences Kylie to eight months of house arrest . . . in her childhood home . . . with the mother and stepdad she can’t stand.

And oh, by the way, her mother has always been convinced the house is haunted, much to Kylie’s irritation. Of course, no sooner is Kylie delivered to her mom’s house and ankle-braceleted than she begins to hear strange noises. And off we go. That’s as much as I can tell you other than Watch this movie tonight.

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