Stories and Whatnot

Occasionally I step out of the novelistic meat grinder to produce shorter works, both fiction and non. Here’s a small sampling of my published works. Check them out and give these deserving publications precious clicks.


“The First Book of Flaccid Swords”Escape Pod, February 2013: Marriage counseling in the virtual age.

“The Altruist and the Dead Man”Ideomancer, June 2008: What happens when your death wish is co-opted by a pair of religious icons?

“Look Ma No Hands”Thieves Jargon, November 2007: Falling wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to do it alone.


The National Evil: Deconstructing pop culture faster than they can build it! My random-thoughts-and-incendiary-comments blog, 2008-2012. Topics include bad movie pitches, a war against calling inanimate objects and concepts “sexy,” and a fierce defense of Phil Collins as both an artist and a human being. Warning: oftentimes NSFW.