Now It Gets Interesting

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A man. A sofa bed. A twelve-foot-long albino alligator. Discuss.

Welcome back to 2007: the social media revolution, a housing boom with no end in sight, a roaring economy. Good times! Joe Tudlong, though, hasn’t exactly seized this particular moment in history. In fact, he’s currently hiding at his twin brother’s house in Tampa after embezzling twenty thousand dollars from his own internet startup in a phone-sex scam. His girlfriend—the voice on the other end of that sex line—left him, but not before selling him out to the police. And to top it all off, he just awoke to find a twelve-foot-long albino alligator basking at the foot of the sofa bed on which he happens to be sprawled.

Joe has read his Kafka. He’s seen his Hitchcock. He knows bad things sometimes happen to good people . . . or in this case, just people. Armed with nothing but his laptop, Joe logs onto his company’s blog and begins sending pleas, confessions, and rationalizations out to the wide, wired world. Who knows? Maybe someone will notice him and rush to his rescue before (a) the alligator devours him or (b) his brother’s kids awaken and pour into the living room, forcing him to do something about it himself. Because, as his raving dispatches reveal, Joe’s actions as a man thereof haven’t quite panned out.

Now It Gets Interesting is the story of that beautifully horrific moment when you realize who you really are . . . against all your wishes of the person you want to be.