Unfated: A Serial Epic

B1-3 coversUnfated tells the epic story of a world riven by the battle over human will. Are we driven by Fate? Or are we free to make our own decisions?

In the world of Unfated, Fate is no abstraction; it’s a supernatural force that guides most people from the moment of birth. A small faction of humanity, however, rejected this pact with Fate, choosing exile over submission. But are the Unfated any freer than those who consider themselves Blessed by Fate? As the stench of musket smoke fills the battlefields of this world, four characters, two from each side of this ancient divide, find themselves forced together to seek the answer to a timeless question:

Who plays god in a godless world? Man? Or Fate?

Unfated is also something different: a serial epic. New books in the saga will be released every three months until we reach the thrilling conclusion. The schedule as it looks now:

Fate Decrees, Man Defies (Book One): Available now.

The Broken Are the Blessed (Book Two): Available now.

Darkness Follows Dawn (Book Three): Available now.

Fate Damns, Man Dies (Book Four): Coming April 2016.

Also . . . Maps!

If you’re having trouble perusing the world maps on a small screen, visit the Maps page.