The Adventure Begins: A Self-Publishing Manifesto

As of today, my debut novel, Now It Gets Interesting, is available on Amazon. Huzzah!

Going off on my own is exciting—and a little bit scary—and I’d like to explain here why I’m going the self-publishing route.

Traditional publishing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it’s an archaic model that charges a huge premium for an increasingly narrow range of content. These days, if you don’t write about things like half-vampire teenage girls who fall in love with resurrected mummies and hunt demons together, the dead-tree publishers aren’t interested. (On second thought, don’t anyone steal that idea—I think I can do something with it. Mummy Dearest, I’ll call it.)

Meanwhile, digital self-publishing has finally made it possible to reach a mass audience without churning through layers of middlemen. After all, there are really only two people who matter when it comes to writing (or music, or movies, or any art form): you, the reader, and me, the writer.

There are already a slew of authors who have found success this way. Some are new to the writing business, while others have left their old book deals behind, finding the opportunities and freedom of doing their own thing too good to pass up.

And here’s the dirty little secret big publishers don’t want you, the reader, to know: digital publishing costs almost nothing. That allows me to set a lower price for my novel so it’s easier for more people to get their hands on it. To wit:

Now It Gets Interesting is only $3.99! Think of it as going to see your friend’s band play—or half a freakin’ matinee ticket at the movie theater. Heck, I’m pretty sure you’re not legally allowed to walk out of a Starbucks unless you spend at least that much.

I’m psyched to finally be able to get my stuff out there, and I hope you enjoy Now It Gets Interesting.

3 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins: A Self-Publishing Manifesto

  1. The author is cute! Is he pondering what to eat for dinner through the microwave window as it cooks or is there a camera in his refrigerator? Guess I’ll have to spend the$3.99 on his book, finally!

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